The Ukrainian start-up is recognized as one of the best in Israel

The Ukrainian start-up is recognized as one of the best in Israel

The Ukrainian start-up AeroDrone (start-up is a recently established company based on the innovative technologies) is in the Top 10 Winners of the international IsraeliSTART Haifa competition. The best start-up projects from 11 countries during 5 days, since 2d to 6th December, showed their projects and had an opportunity to study the experience of Haifa start-up companies, including business and academic centers.

During six years the Ukrainian team had been creating an unmanned plane for the agricultural industry that sprays the means of plant protection and micronutrients directly from the drone board that is driven by an autopilot.

«When a plane flies to a field, it switches on a pump that supplies protection means to a spray device. It means that while a drone is flying over a field, it sprays the protection substances but when the drone reaches the final point of the field, a pump is to be closed and a drone just flies back. We also have developed a monitoring system. Thus, instead of spray devices and chemical tanks, a drone has a powerful camera that automatically films the condition of seeds and plants. Then the information is analyzed and a farmer will receive a report about the whole situation on a field. The report includes information about wild grass, blasts and plant diseases. It also identifies what kind of pesticides should be used to minimize the risks», says Yurii Pederii, a creator and chief manager of Ukrainian company AeroDrone.

Yurii Pederii while receiving START Haifa reword

According to his words, the ecological factor played the most important role when developing the AeroDrone project. The ecological factor is the most important

Yurii Pederii

“A heavy and slowly tractor needs a lot of fuel and water. Plus, it needs 4 or 5 people. While our drones are cost-effective. They require 2 operators only for the right service. The most important for us is an ecological factor. The tractors` wheels make the field soil more firm, they destroy plants, use liters of water with pesticides. Thus, most of the solution penetrates the soil, polluting the subsurface waters and damaging the environment. That very factor forced us to think about using a drone in the agriculture”, Yurii Pederii says.

Start-ups make this world better

For the reason that the Ukrainian start-up is in Top 10 winners of the START Haifa competition, two representatives of the company had a chance to study better the ecosystem of Haifa city, meet Israeli startuppers, visit high-tech companies and Technion University during 5 days. By the way, the graduates of this Haifa University had developed numerous technologies being used successfully nowadays. A special center was established in the university to unite an investor and a student. The Israeli investors had invested more than 300 million dollars in the start-ups.

Israel is called a start-up country. Around 6 thousand start-ups in the country work in different spheres. A huge part among them is focused on a cyber safety. Over the last years, big IT companies are not only working actively with the small companies and study the innovative inventions of such companies but also acquire them. Science and inventions are a top priority since childhood, particularly in Haifa. It reflects in creating numerous science workshops (fab labs) with technological laboratories, smart blackboards, 3D-printers, and robots. Startuppers and companies` managers visit school frequently.

They are trying to make this world better and comfortable Ievhen Kuzmychov
“The most important thing that unites all startuppers is that they are trying to make this world a better place, to make it more comfortable and develop humanity. Israel has a number of industrial clusters in the energy and environmental sectors, biotechnology and medical appliances, agro-technologies, water resources, safety and cybernetics, semiconducting materials, 3D-printing, and other sectors. Each of them has a chance to become a huge worldwide company” highlights Yevhen Kuzmychov, Ukrainian participant of the Start Haifa competition, AeroDrone manager.

Yuri Pederii with Ievgen Kuzmychov

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